Baking Blog
UX/UI Design

Project Overview

Dollies is a blog that sells baking supplies focused on recipes using ingredients and tools that the company supply. The creative team wanted iterations designed to appeal to tech-savvy elderly women, offering alternative experiences.

I created different design options for users to interact with the product whilst creating logical navigation and content groupings to promote recommended recipes.

My Role
UI and UX Designer

Skills & Tools
Adobe XD - Design Iteration - Wireframing - Visual Design

first design iteration

To make the UX more extended, we could allow users to find baking products they would need for recipes included in the blog posts, making the site a one-stop-shop (I have created an extra wireframe and Mockup to demonstrate this, as well as the user flow below).

UX user flow for a baking website
Iteration sketch

Second design iteration

I was also tasked to design a second iteration to increase the blog's audience of tech-savvy elderly women. After researching senior bloggers, I noticed that some are really switched onto social media and presenting themselves online just as millennials would. I mainly drew inspiration from Accidental Icon (, and the only differences I found really were that UI elements were broken down into smaller bits of information, making sections shorter and easier to navigate.

Sketch of blog layout


For this project, I created a user-friendly and straightforward interface by considering the fonts' size and the screen itself, making these aspects easy to read. Following that, I wanted to make buttons more prominent and more evident for the user to get from point A to B. Next, I decided to post individual posts in the main feed in a larger form to make content easy to access. Finally, I decided to go with a classic baking theme in terms of content but presented it in a contemporary form that could encourage the user to interact.

Blog mockup
blog mockup