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user flow

Project Overview

Hike With Me is an app offering an alternative digital experience specialising in health and fitness through hiking. The platform provides a place to schedule, complete hikes, and interact with other hikers.

After concluding research, the team provided me with business goals and personas to wireframe a user flow that worked logically yet simply. The user flow I created has helped grow downloads and align with the users' unique identity, focusing on community and inclusivity.

My Role
UI and UX Designer

Skills & Tools
Adobe XD - Card Sort - User Flow Mapping - Wireframing - Personas

Joaquin Card Sort

Age: 30 years old
Occupation: Sales

Enjoys challenging himself
Wants to be able to schedule hikes with his busy friends
Trying to keep up his healthy lifestyle
Likes to go on longer hikes with a variety of difficulty levels

UX Card Sort

Shania Card Sort

Age: 24 years old
Occupation: Accountant

Wants to be more active
Trying to be healthier
Wants to meet new friends who are more active
Has never hiked much before

UX Card Sort

wireframes + User Flow

I created a list of screens to illustrate the order in which the two personas might use the "Hike With Me" app. I started sketching different designs to detail the flows and then shared my ideas with team members to get feedback.

The following wireframe examples are discovering potential issues with the app to then create solutions quickly and time-efficiently.

Joaquin user flow steps

User flow chart

Shania user flow steps

User flow chart