instant pet finder
case study

project Overview

Instant Pet Finder is an adoption platform whose primary focus is to match adopters and pets. With more demand online, Instant Pet Finder set the goal to develop a responsive site that modernises its brand.

I created a design that enhances the users' digital experience, creating an innovative solution to expand reach, encourage and simplify the journey with a seamless signup experience.

My Role
UI and UX Designer

Skills & Tools
Adobe XD - Design Thinking - Competitor Research - Affinity Mapping


It’s a fact that the COVID 19 outbreak has prompted an increase in people wanting to adopt pets. According to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in the UK, the more time people have spent in lockdown, many have been inspired to provide new homes for pets.

With social distancing regulations and a real need for health and safety precautions, the adoption platform Instant PetFinder set out to create a solution to remedy the new way of life we face. Using a digital experience to connect people to animals would provide an excellent adoption initiative without compromising new laws.

the process

The process - 1. Search, 2. Define, 3. Ideate, 4. Prototype, 5. Iterate

user research

Key areas of our focus included competitor analysis to understand what the best onboarding practices on the market were.

The potential users for this website are animal lovers interested in adopting a pet and anyone curious about the adoption process. They may also want to find a new companion but may not want to visit a shelter because of the recent COVID 19 restrictions.

I wanted to start my research by exploring other digital platforms to examine what they offer in terms of an onboarding experience. We could then look at different approaches to pet adoption, identify potential pain points and consider possible features to make improvements.


Analysis chart for pet adoption


Firstly, I explored recent statistics and demographics of pet owners to draw a clearer picture of who the primary users would be.

Coronavirus pet adoption boom is reducing stress - []
Millennials surpassed Baby Boomers as the generation with the most pets - []
76% of Millennials Are Pet Parents - []
Owners of dogs are slightly more likely to be female (54%)+  Owners of cats are more likely to be female (58%) - []
Pet ownership rates increase with household income - []
Child-free couples who treat their pets like children - []

key findings & insights

To delve deeper into the adoption process, I researched reviews and comments of each competitor. The reactions allowed me to determine pain points and areas of improvement. In addition, there were apparent factors that needed to be considered for a positive end result.

- A clean interface as not to overwhelm users
- Make it easier for people to go through the adoption process
- Clear and concise information architecture
- Search Options/Saved searches
- Up to date & aesthetically pleasing design

This research showed that users wanted a wide range of options with plenty of information. Convenience was also a key factor, and an easy scheduling structure would be helpful to encourage people to follow through on adopting.

Authur, Rose, Theo & Alicia fell into this demographic and provided a further insight into what was needed.

user personas

User personas details on iPhone screens

pet adoption process

Taking the initial research on board, I set out to better understand the adoption process by establishing each step and creating an overview.

Diagram of the pet adoption process
UX design process sticky notes.

user flow

I then needed to figure out how applicable my solution would be, so I developed a user flow on how Arthur would use the site to find a new pet.

Diagram of the user flow for the Instant Pet Finder app

core features

With a clearer idea of my user and their needs,
I identified the following core features.

Quick and easy
application process via the website




Explore pet profiles
to be sure you find
the right match

Browse symbol

Add favourite pets
to your profile and share via social

Contact form symbol
Browse symbol


After research and brainstorming, I started to sketch some out low fidelity responsive wireframes.


Sketches of website

Mobile devices

mobile sketches


tablet sketches

I then went on to mock up some mid-fidelity visual designs.


Wireframe of Instant Pet Finder website


Wireframe designs for a pet adoption app, tablet view.

Mobile devices

Wireframes of mobile pet adoption app
Examples of designs in web, tablet, mobile view - pet adoption platform

High Fidelity Mockup

With the mid-fidelity designs mapped out, I moved on to the visual design of the site. Again, keeping in mind the pet adoption process and how the user will interact with their emotions, I considered how the experience should encompass that, so the visual aspects were fundamental at this stage of the project.


High Fidelity mock up of pet adoption platform
High fidelity mock up for pet adoption platform
High fidelity mock up for pet adoption platform
High fidelity mock up for pet adoption platform


High fidelity mock up for pet adoption platform in tablet view

Mobile Devices

High fidelity mock up for pet adoption platform in mobile view