Design + UX
+ Branding


Here are some of the projects I've worked on, large + small.

ux design case study

grocery prime

A supermarket App focused on delivering high-quality products for the customer's convenience.

launch project +
Fruit & Veg In grocery store

ux design case study

Instant Pet finder

A digital experience to connect people to animals providing an excellent adoption initiative.

launch project +
Photo of a cat and dog

Website baking blog

Dolly's baking

UX design of an incomplex blog run by a company that sells baking supplies focused on recipes.

launch project +
Photo of muffins


Hike With Me

A Prototype of a new outdoors app providing a platform to schedule and complete hikes.

launch project +
Photo of two people hiking

brand identity

hunger no more

A new brand personality for an already established charitable platform.

launch project +
Photo of a charity delivering food

web analysis

t-shirt site rebrand

I was tasked with improving design using critique for a t-shirt website that was rebranding.

launch project +
Photo of t-shirts hanging


weather app

I created a prototype of screens for a new mobile app that informs of the current weather.

launch project +
Photo of a landscape with lightening bolts