t-shirt brand Website analysis

Project Overview

I was asked to critique an e-commerce website that markets branded t-shirts. The client requested advice on how to level up their business performance through UX design.

With design thinking at the core of my review, I went into depth about the design elements that could add value to the site and what would function better for their customers.

My Role
UI and UX Designer

Skills & Tools
Design critique - Analysing Design - Design Thinking - Expert Review

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Balance and Organisation

Navigation Banner Body/Shop Footer
The navigation element is clearly laid out to direct users to the homepage, shop and contact page. A banner section showcases the brand by including Mike the Frog and a CTA. The body is a typical e-commerce layout displaying the items available to purchase. When clicking through to the entire catalogue of t-shirts, they are shown in a grid, making it easy for the user to navigate through the collection. The user will need to click on the image of the chosen t-shirt to get a price and description. The footer has all relevant information with links to social media sites and copyright. The contact page is basic but does what it says on the tin.

1. Everything on the site is pretty obvious. Navigation is easy to use, and the site is laid out traditionally, meaning everything is where it is meant to be.  
2. The site has the potential to be very flexible in that you could add more t-shirts or other products. The layout is simple and uses standard solutions and familiar patterns.
3. Lastly, the site is efficient as completing tasks are simple and functional. The structure and familiarity make it easy to complete tasks making users feel at home.


1. Personally, I would prefer if the navigation and footer colours were switched over. The orange is a bit garish, and the grey would be a bit easier on the eye when landing on the page.
2. It would be more informative to have a hover effect over the t-shirt images that had a quick view function and description with prices etc.
3. I would like to see social icons in the footer rather than a worded link.

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